Feb 082013

Every Winter, beaches and lakes across America prepare for the Polar Plunge – charity events in which brave souls wade into near-freezing water for an invigorating – if icy – experience. And waiting for them once they emerge? Dock Boxes make the perfect place to store towels, food and other warming relief.

Numerous people run for shore to warm up after taking a dip in the icy waters.

This isn’t Jess above but the picture is typical of Polar Plunge events across America.

“My first Polar Plunge was in 2005,” says Jess, a New Jersey resident who proudly participates in her local event, in Seaside Heights, each year. “I love doing it – I reckon I’ve raised over three thousand dollars for the Special Olympics over the years.”

Jess is a passionate supporter of the Polar Plunge® because her disabled brother has dreams of one day reaching the Special Olympics himself – the charity which Polar Plunges all over the country support. As such, she takes each year’s challenge very seriously.

“I wear a bikini for the plunge itself,” she explains. “That part is the easy one. The trick is warming up when you get out.”

That’s where her boyfriend – who is a keen boater during the sunnier months – comes in so useful.

“He takes one of your Medium Polymer Dock Boxes off his boat and loads that up with all our supplies – fresh towels, a dry track suit, some chips and snacks for energy and – of course – a six pack of beer.” Cold beer after a freezing plunge might seem counter-intuitive; “but I’ve never tasted anything better.”

While even Jess would balk at the idea of buying a dock box purely for the sake of her plunges, she’s the first to admit that her boyfriend’s box is beyond ideal.

Portable, durable and affordable - Our medium polymer dock boxes are a great way to store all you need.

Our dock boxes are perfect for securely stowing all Jess’ plunge-worthy possessions.

“My first year we used a regular old cooler, and it sucked,” she recalls. “The top fell off, my clothes got all wet – I was miserable.” That’s why her boyfriend offered to let her use his dock box the following year. “It’s light, and big – and it’s got a top that’s hinged and lockable, which means I can throw my cell phone and pocket book in there as well.”

And while her old cooler only lasted one year of Polar punishment, her boyfriend’s box has seen every plunge since – “and many, many more,” Jess laughs.


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